Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Belligerent Bush calls Iranian Leader Belligerent

The battle of pathological leaders trying to look “normal and rational” continues as the U.S. and Iranian Presidents tone down their inflammatory rhetoric in favor of a brief round of diplomacy. Each finds a way to deliver a thumb to the other’s log filled eye while speaking diplomatically. Take President Bush’s comments:

"The Iranian people are good, honest, decent people and they've got a government that is belligerent, loud, noisy, threatening - a government which is in defiance of the rest of the world and says, 'We want a nuclear weapon,'" Bush said. "So our objective is to keep the pressure so rational folks will show up and say it's not worth the isolation."

Meanwhile the Bush administration develops the next generation nuclear weapon in order to keep our vast power differential over other countries, staked a broad claim to space, and is employing technology to rule the internet.

Neither man is rational. The world pays for their lack of leadership on behalf of their people.

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