Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Condi Upset over New Found Irrelevanacy, Lashes Out at Russian General

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice trashed a Russian General for being concerned over a new missile defense system slated for Poland and the Czech Republic. Her tongue lashing of the general should be taken in stride for Condi had a rough week.

Her trip to kick start peace between the Israelis and Palestinians took a bad turn after the Saudis brokered a Hamas Fatah deal. This new found Palestinian unity upset Bush and Olmert’s plans for a civil war, leaving the parties in an uncomfortable three way dance.

With two gentlemen and a lady on the floor, the crowd wondered about the odd setup. Which one’s are straight and are any gay? No one got close enough to get any clues. And Condi wouldn’t look either man in the eye as she danced listlessly.

After missing the real debut of Palestinian Israeli peace, Ms. Rice ventured to Saudi Arabia. Did she give the monarch a piece of her mind for tampering with their peace kickoff? Or did they wink at each other and smile knowing full well they co-opted the Palestinians with Sunni money. Did they rest assured the Palestinians would fall on their side given any Sunni-Shia split?

If Condi got the rug pulled out from under her at both stops, her lashing out at the lowly Russian general is understandable. If she’s part of a greater Middle East manipulation, then that too is understandable given Bush’s proclivities, yet regrettable.

Either way it is sad seeing Condi stoop so low…

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