Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bushies Leave Wiggle Room on Iranian Ties to Iraq Insurgency

How do you feel when the President’s Defense Chief uses words like “I think there’s” and “there may be” when referencing evidence of Iran’s involvement in the Iraq’s Shia insurgency? Robert Gates also left unclear how the U.S. knows the government is the provider vs. private weapons manufacturers or dealers.

Shaped charges have been in use by American oil companies drilling for oil. As Iran and Iraq have ample oil reserves, might shaped charges be in the region for such purposes? A Carlyle Group affiliate just purchased a company that specializes in such explosives.

Lately most of the major bombs have attacked Shia neighborhoods. Who’s making and delivering those? Certainly, Iran would not attack the people they sponsor. Not long ago the Saudi’s threatened to support their Sunni brothers and sisters should the U.S. back away. Did they jump in anyway?

The news on Iran’s involvement will come soon from U.S. officials in Iraq, according to a White House spokesperson. They just didn’t say when. Let’s see:

1. Answer to my question on why Carlyle Affiliate LifeCare Hospitals’ 24 patient deaths warranted not one mention in the White House Lessons Learned report. Still waiting

2. Projections from Al Hubbard as to the impact of high deductible health plans and health savings accounts on reducing the number of uninsureds in the U.S. He was going to check on the projected take rate. Still waiting.

3. Action taken by the White House to address the “kind of the dual eligible problem” with the new Medicare Prescription drug benefit. Still waiting.

My guess is Bob Gates will have an answer on the explosives used in Iraq before any of these outstanding issues are addressed. After all, Mr. Gates served on the board of Parker Drilling before accepting the Defense Department job. He should know about shaped explosives…

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