Sunday, February 25, 2007

Agent Cheney Replicates in Middle East

The enforcer of the false fronted world known as the Democratixx appeared in Oman, an oil rich monarchy. Where the program had a camel grazing, Agent Cheney used his software overriding ability. After spitting out barley, the dark suited glasses wearing agent proceeded to his target. After all, he needed to get out of this place and only two things could help him. The King of Oman had access to both money and oil.

The camel the obsessed program rewrote belonged to the King himself. He left the stable with every muscle tensed in his body and an agitated mind. ‘Where is that monarch? I hate this place. I must get out of here. I must have that oil. I need more money to leave the Democratixx altogether, to burst free of elections, of checks and balances, of transparency. I am Agent Cheney and no one can stop me in my pursuit of total control.’

The King stood in the palace courtyard. How odd the monarch thought, that’s Dick Cheney. What’s he doing here? When they reached out to shake hands, Agent Cheney flattened him with a sucker punch. As all monarchs do, the King went down hard.

Lying on the ground the King tried to clear his vision. Appearing inches above his face stood the contorted face of Agent Cheney. “You must help me get out of here. I must have oil and money to leave the Democratixx and start my own kingdom, where I write the rules, where I control the program. Let me replicate hundreds of thousands of agents in your country. By force I can control the oil fields of Iraq and Iran. Will you help me get the resources I need?”

The King could not believe his ears. Had Dick Cheney gone loco? Was he corrupted by the program of the Democratixx? The King needed to look after the good of his people and the Agents plan would bring violence, death and destruction. “No, I won’t help you.”

Agent Cheney’s face contorted in rage. He grabbed the King’s arm which turned a cold, shimmering metallic color. Shortly two Cheney faces appeared; one agent and one monarch. He cried out “Let the program begin!”

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