Saturday, February 03, 2007

Pat’s God Channel Reports on Tornado

While Rev. Pat hasn't directly weighed in yet (to the best of my knowledge), his CBN News had a story on the twisters which included:

James Pietro, 42, was sleeping inside his RV when the rumble of wind and snapping trees woke him just in time to take cover with his girlfriend beneath their bed. The RV was lifted into the air and rolled several times, coming to a rest a few feet from a pond, upside down and nearly torn in half. The two came away with only scratches.

"I'm thinking 'God help me.' I was praying, praying hard," Pietro said. "I don't see how I lived."

A church built to withstand a Category 4 hurricane was destroyed.

Would the prayers from a man in a trailer outweigh those praying on behalf of their church, God's own temple? (The man yet to be blessed with God's favor of riches even slept in the same bed as his girlfriend)

President Bush at the National Prayer Breakfast said:

"...God listens to the voice of His children, and pours His grace upon those who seek Him in prayer."

Something poured from the sky that evening. Was it God's grace?

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