Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Setup for Iran Looming

Just the prospect of Americans holding an Iranian diplomat hostage must be playing well in U.S. living rooms. As many minds bear seared images of U.S. hostages in Tehran being pushed around while blindfolded, the thought of turnabout must seem like fair play.

Of course no one has yet claimed responsibility for the missing Iranian, second secretary at the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad. He’d been planning to visit the development of an Iranian bank in Iraq’s largest city. His kidnapping tosses a big rock in the already disturbed waters between the U.S. and Iran.

With a large American military buildup in Iraq and the Persian Gulf, the concerns of Iran’s weapons of mass destruction, the set up of 300 nuclear enriching centrifuges, the ordering of U.S. military to capture or kill Iranian agents plotting against our troops in Iraq, and the deteriorating rhetoric between Washington and Tehran has a similar feel to Iraq pre-invasion.

Only this time, my guess is we don’t invade after the Israeli raid on Iran’s nuclear facilities. But we will be there in ample forces to contain any blowback aimed at our best friend in the region. A lesson is coming Mr. Ahmadinejad, courtesy of George and Ehud. Whether Bush’s poodle joins in, remains to be seen?

P.S. There's even a political leader/bomber link, a la Osama bin Laden's connection to Saddam Hussein. Only this time the leader and bomber are one in the same. An Iraqi member of Parliament stands convicted for an embassy bombing in Kuwait in 1983, yet he serves in the people's legislature in the Middle East's newest democracy!

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