Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ministers Claiming to "Be Jesus" Quiz

Two living ministers elevated past conduits to God to the real thing. Both claim to be Jesus, thus God in human form. Neither was born in the United States. Neither man looks like the bearded anglo in white flowing robes. Do you know who they are?

Choose from among the following candidates:

1. President George Bush
2. Rev. Sun Myung Moon
3. Rev. Jerry Falwell
4. Rev. Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda

If you picked the two foreign sounding names, you’re correct! Rev. Moon, a Korean, has long preached he is the divine incarnate. His God like behavior on earth consists of leading a cult like group intent on raising money by hook or crook. This he shares with the two incorrect answers above. President George H.W. Bush earned many a six figure speaking fee adding legitimacy to Rev. Moon’s efforts. And Rev. Falwell’s Liberty University got a well timed infusion of laundered cash from a Moon affiliate.

Rev. Miranda, born in Puerto Rico, leads an international church similar to Moon’s. Both men shun the simple lifestyle in favor of today’s worldly splendors, sort of a religious Ponzi scheme. While Rev. Moon’s indoctrinated travel around the country raising money as anyone but Moonies, Rev. Miranda’s followers can be clearly identified by their 666 tatoos. Not only do they believe their minister is Christ, they believe him to be the AntiChrist as well. Miranda’s Church calls itself the “Government of God on Earth”, unaware that President Bush and company already laid claim to that assertion.

If the Arabs had to wait hundreds of years after Jesus for their prophet, why did the Koreans and Puerto Ricans have to wait nearly 2,000 years? When Jesus returns to earth will he be radically different than before? Will he arrive preaching the prosperity gospel? If so what does this say about the consistency of God (as envisioned by men)….

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