Sunday, February 04, 2007

Rev. Jerry Left Out Florida Church to Talk About Money

Curious to see what Rev. Robertson and Falwell said about the Florida tornado that smote an Assembly of God Church, I visited their websites. Rev. Falwell did not mention the disaster once in his sermon to the Thomas Road Baptist Church. But he did mention some BHAG’s (Big Hairy Aggressive Goals). He wants to double the ministry of his church in the next five years, reach his 13-year goal of 25,000 resident students here at Liberty University and see Thomas Road become a 100% tithing church.

Meanwhile in Florida:

Tornado victims and their supporters turned out for Sunday service at a church that was demolished in the killer storms that waylaid the central part of the state, trying to stay optimistic about the long recovery ahead.

The cleanup that began not long after Friday's destruction took a brief pause as the faithful and others gathered under bright sun and clear skies at what was the Lady Lake Church of God. Its splintered remains have become a rallying point in this rural area hit hard by the three tornadoes that killed 20 people and destroyed hundreds of homes.

A gospel choir sang and clapped on a makeshift stage where the church's broken cross was propped up next to an American flag.

As for Rev. Pat he has no church to deliver a Sunday morning sermon, but he has a television channel with which to evangelize. He spoke to the citizens of Dover, Delaware after a school board vote. One might expect him to offer words of instruction or consolation to church members in Lady Lake. Why did God smash their church, break their cross only to leave a nearly unscathed poem “The Touch of the Master’s Hand”?

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