Monday, February 05, 2007

Bush Pinches Domestic Spending

In a scene reminiscent of the juvenile hi-jinks in “Porky’s”, an adolescent George Bush pinched his version of 2008 domestic spending before placing it in a paper sack, setting it afire and tossing on the Democratic controlled Capital steps (freshly painted during a recent Peace Protest).

The lit bag sits alone in front of the building marked “people’s legislature” with leaders unsure what to do. Is it a hazardous material, an incendiary device, or a hoax (like the Boston advertising boxes)? It does purport to help people despite shifting Medicaid funds from providers to insurance company’s bottom lines and including cuts to heating subsidies for the poor.

In response the adolescent Bush said “I just told the poor sick fat kids to get outside. While there they can imitate George Washington and cut down a tree for next winter’s firewood. So what if one carbon dioxide reducer is exchanged for a carbon dioxide producer! And they should pray for improved health, the Almighty can do wonders in that area.”

The budget does have its priorities. Major funds are budgeted for real explosive devices as the Pentagon budget soars. Does that mean Bush’s bag is getting ready to blow up? Wait and see…

P.S. As much as George Bush wished he was in the movie Porky's, he in fact did not have a role

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