Monday, February 12, 2007

Down McCain’s Middle East Rabbit Hole

In Senator John McCain’s Iraq underground, up is down and down is up. Below the surface in Iraq the good Senator from Arizona is worried about an insurgent offensive. He said Americans are not upset about the U.S. presence in Iraq, but the number of casualties and the potential for them to rise.

So in John’s world Americans are happy about the nearly $500 billion invested in the Iraqi theater through 2007? U.S. voters are joyous over the regular reports from the Office of Iraqi Reconstruction that tens of billions have been pissed away? No John, voters sent a message last November and it still hasn’t sunk into the Rabbit Hole of Washington, D.C.

An insurgent offensive in a civil war would be aimed at which enemy? Would the Sunni’s take on both coalition and Shia forces? Would the Iran “linked” Shia step up their explosively formed projectile attacks?

Weekly market bombings occur that kill and maim hundreds in one fell swoop. However, this is Iraqi on Iraqi violence with the U.S. mostly safely behind secure zones. That will change with the President’s new plans to secure Baghdad. More exposure means more U.S. military deaths.

John, I can only speak for myself but I am pissed about the whole debacle of Iraq, the pre-war manipulation, the botched post “Shock & Awe”, the corruption, the incompetence, and the sorry mess that exists today.

A Tet Offensive already exists for civilians as over 34,000 Iraqis died last year. While that isn’t as large as the 50,000 killed on all sides during the Vietnam series of battles labeled as Tet, give it another year. Unfortunately, this too will be passed….

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