Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bush Team Plays Democratic Whack-a-Mole

As soon as a Democratic Presidential contender gains a wee bit of momentum, the Republican attack machine pounds its hammer. The latest victim is Oscar winner Al Gore. Fresh from the media spotlight on global warming, a Tennessee group called the esteemed Vice President a hypocrite for using too much electricity to power his 10,000 square foot mansion.

This follows an attack on John Edwards for being a hypocrite for trying to provide health care for all Americans while previously ruining that same system as trial lawyer breaking hospital and physician’s backs.

The Bush team reached across the Pacific for support in whacking down Barack Obama. Australian conservative Prime Minister John Howard suggested Senator Obama’s Iraq plans would be welcomed by al Qaeda.

Meanwhile President Bush can’t elevate above the peg board. If conservatives spent as much time propping up George as they do smacking down potential Democratic contenders, we might have a President worth hearing. Instead his positions further those living in huge mansions, making yachtloads of money via the latest private equity buyouts.

Why aren’t conservatives up in arms over the deficit? Why are huge capital gains taxed at 15% vs. 20% when the federal coffers bleed red ink? Why do conservatives want to reduce this to 8%, the same sales tax I pay locally? Why do conservatives want to eliminate the estate tax, vilified by them as the death tax?

This is the same group that introduced the balanced budget amendment in the 90’s. Conservatives no longer seem conservative….

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