Monday, February 05, 2007

Carlyle Affiliate Reports Super Bowl Audience 2nd Largest Ever

Neilson Media Research reported the 2007 Super Bowl between Chicago and Indianapolis had 93.2 million viewers, second only to the 1996 game between Dallas and Pittsburgh. Carlyle purchased The Neilson Company in summer of 2006.

The media firm continued growth The Carlyle way, with acquisitions. Neilson just announced it would purchase all remaining shares of NetRatings, the leading internet media and market research firm. Together they’ve launched the National TV/Internet Fusion database.

Neilson also will continue developing a joint venture with Arbitron to measure people’s exposure to media via a Portable People Meter. Seven advertisers who spend nearly $7 billion on media messages for their products serve on the joint venture’s steering committee. Did any of these seven advertise during the recent Super Bowl?

If you happen to be curious about Carlyle’s other media holdings check out their portfolio. With nearly $47 billion in private equity investments, The Carlyle Group aims to be a one stop shop for business or government. Now why would Uncle Sam be interested in our media choices?

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