Tuesday, February 06, 2007

How Nerds Got Cool by Being Anti-Dumb Jock

The new social trend elevates a type of nouveau nerd, proud of their intellectual prowess. Their brainpower combined with sensitivity turns them into “cool nerds” or “sleek geeks”.

Some credit Bill Gates and his spinning his technological prowess into his present day billionaire status. Marketers are well aware of the geek trend, offering dork apparel and women’s t-shirts that say “Talk Nerdy to Me”. Who showed up for the Microsoft Vista launch at midnight with cash to spend?

Another factor is at play in the rising status of sensitive nerds, bullying. As the world suffers under the bleedership of now grown up, dumb jock bullies, people long for role models that can improve the world without breaking it first.

Our governmental leaders are solidly aware of this trend. A freshman Representative even compared Congress to Junior High.

The youngest member of Congress says he thinks he has Capitol Hill all figured out, though he's been on the job only 10 months.

"This place is a much more sophisticated junior high school," 30-year-old Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-N.C., said recently in an interview. "There are the nice guys that everybody likes, the jocks, the geeks, the bullies - they're all here. It's a representative democracy."

How many jocks and bullies got tossed last November in the mid-term elections? A number of heavy handed Republican leaders no longer grace the hallowed halls of the Capital.

Yes, people are tired of the dumb jocks, the bullies with their crass and violent nature. That this expresses itself in popular culture is yet another sign our leaders ignore. They think women want to wear t-shirts that say “Talk Stupid to Me While You Drool over My Tits” or “Talk Violence to Me While I Prepare Your Meal and Raise Your Kids” or "Use Your 2,000 Year Old Religion to Subjugate Me". Nerdy is the opposite of these.

I say our foreign policy needs both more intelligence and sensitivity. I suggest Bush include in his 2008 budget t-shirts for Condi Rice that say “Talk Nerdy to Me & I’ll Try to Educate My Dumb Jock Boss the Best I Can”…

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