Friday, February 09, 2007

Number of Uninsured Grow with Medicaid Citizenship Rule Change

In summer of 2006 Medicaid required people applying for benefits to prove their citizenship. Data from six states indicate this rule change reduced the number of poor people covered by Medicaid, most are now likely uninsured. The impact in each state is shown below:

Virginia had 12,000 children knocked off Medicaid rolls as of November 2006

In Louisiana 7,500 kids lost Medicaid coverage at a time when enrollment normally balloons, Sept. & Oct. 2006

Wisconsin saw a decline of over 14,000 Medicaid enrollees as a result of the new documentation requirement

Kansas said 18,000 to 20,000 are now uncovered.

New Hampshire lost 1,275 kids from their Medicaid rolls due to the change.

Over 50,000 people, mostly children lost Medicaid coverage in just 5 states with the new citizenship requirement. While taxpayers may not be footing the bill directly, they leave health care providers with the responsibility of providing any necessary care. This will drive up hospital prices even faster as more people drop out of the coverage system.

The 46.8 million people currently without health insurance in 2005 stands to grow dramatically in 2006 between federal/state changes and businesses acting to control the cost of their health insurance benefit.

The fewer people participating in the current financing system means a greater share for those who remain. President Bush and employers clearly want you to pick more up. Are you ready? Can your pocketbook afford it? If not join the ever growing legions of uninsureds in America…

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