Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cheney Rumsfeld Duo Tight

Vice President Cheney took up for the beleagured Donald Rumsfeld after Presidential hopeful John McCain tore into the Pentagon chief. Dick Cheney shared John had apologized to him for his aspersions as to how well the V.P. served Bush on Iraq. Cheney implied McCain might do likewise with Rumsfeld. John said “I think that Donald Rumsfeld will go down in history as one of the worst secretaries of defense in history.”

Of course Dick Cheney believes his fellow PNAC'er did a fine job as Defense Chief. “I know a little bit about the job. I've watched what he's done over there for six years. I think he did a superb job in terms of managing the Pentagon under extraordinarily difficult circumstances.”

So John McCain blasted Rumsfeld for the “terribly mishandled war” in Iraq while giving the sage ex. Defense Chief Cheney an apology and leaving the Commander in Chief out altogether? Something smells as the President said he acted without political consideration, solely on recommendations of the generals on the ground.

I find the logic circular when no blame or responsibility can be attached. Is that the aim? What happened to the buck stops here? In an incredible Clinton-esque scene I can picture President Bush saying “it depends on what your definition of buck is…”

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