Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bush Team "Ethics" Involves Stacking Their Side

The Chair of the Federal Communications Commission proposed having a commissioner with a declared conflict of interest break the tie on the AT&T BellSouth merger. Kevin Martin is exploring having the commissioner (who already recused himself) vote on the merger. Without approval the merger cannot go forward and the current tie vote is the same as a no vote.

My question is “why resolve the problem by allowing a tainted vote to break the tie?” Why doesn’t the Chairman provide leadership and negotiate through the issues with those concerned? Crafting a compromise such that all FCC commissioners can give a yes vote would be a better solution.

Why would the Republican FCC Chief be pushing so hard for approval, for a 60% yes vote vs. a 40% no vote? Don’t tell me I need to go rooting through AT&T’s and BellSouth’s PAC donations

Why that happens to be roughly the same percentage of the two companies’ political donations for the just finished election campaign. Republicans received 60% of the funds vs. 40% for the Democrats. What a coincidence! Could there be an Intelligent Contributor? The probability of that happening randomly must be…

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