Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Gates Approved by Senate on 6th, Swear in Scheduled for December 18th

Despite the rapid approval of Bush nominee Dr. Robert Gates for Secretary of Defense, it will be nearly two more weeks before he officially takes the job. White House spokesman Dana Perino said Gates had "commitments to fulfill at Texas A&M University before he can officially take the job".

I could understand this delay if Iraq were not deep in crisis, but I'm puzzled given the need for the Bush team to process all the advice and re-chart its course in the country/region. The Iraqi Study Group had several urgent recommendations for the Secretary of Defense.

This is even more puzzling as Dr. Gates couldn’t commit to being a full time President at Texas A&M. He required 10 days per month to work as Chairman of the Fidelity Funds. How he handled his other board duties on NACCO Industries , Parker Drilling, and Brinker International, I don’t know.

Is the delay really to wrap up stuff in College Station? Does that mean the Aggies are more important than serving our country in a time of crisis?

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