Monday, December 18, 2006

More Jack…

As if anyone could get enough of Jack Cafferty? Today's questions and my responses follow"

Q: What should the incoming Congress do about President Bush's domestic spying program?

A: Congress should order an Executive Spying Program with the White House the target. I never heard back from the President's staff as to why The Carlyle Group's LifeCare Hospitals received not one mention in their Lessons Learned report despite having the largest number of patient deaths post Hurricane Katrina. Domestic spying might be my only chance for an answer!

Q: Should the United States send more troops to Iraq?

A: Since when is the solution to banging one's head against the wall, more banging? Could this be cover to get more troops on the eastern border of Iran to contain that country's outrage post nuclear facility bombing? Bush's Presidency grows more ridiculous and futile by the day.

Q: Would former President Clinton help or hurt his wife's potential run for the White House?

A: With Bill back in the White House we can get heterosexual sex scandals back in the mix. The Republican’s monopoly on corruption and homosexual scandals will finally be broken. Oh, Democrats will continue with the corruption. The recently withdrawn Senator Evan Bayh dropped out the day after his wife’s WellPoint Board position affording them $1.2 million in investment gains since Dec. 2004 hit the blogosphere.

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