Wednesday, December 13, 2006

To Discredit Anti-Zionist Concerns in U.S. Invite David Duke to Talk!

What’s the best way to shatter the growing U.S. citizen concerns about the balance of power in the Palestinian territories? How can the media pave the way for an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities? Surprisingly the answer to these questions is the same, invite David Duke, ex. KKK leader and Louisiana State legislator to speak on TV.

Mr. Duke spoke to CNN from Tehran, Iran as he’s attending a meeting on the Myth of the Holocaust. For the most part Mr. Duke behaved contentiously, throwing verbal punches at government and media leaders for promoting an Israeli agenda. However, at a time I thought David would disintegrate into rage, he actually said something coherent.

In response to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s comment about "wiping Israel off the map", David stated this to be a mistranslation. The Iranian leader called for the current leaders of the two states, Israel and the U.S. to change nonviolently, just as the leadership of the Soviet Union changed with the fall of the Iron Curtain with no loss of citizen lives.

The good news for CNN is Duke’s closing likely can’t make up for his mostly combative interview. Those who blew off David’s comments will be ready for bombs over Tehran and for Israel to crush those pesky Palestinians. So what if the President who did more for Middle East peace the last 50 years compared the situation to Apartheid?

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