Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Answer for Erekat

Israel’s approval of a new settlement in the West Bank has the Palestinian leadership puzzled. After ten days of courting and hand holding, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert bitch slapped the object of his wooing. The move left Palestinian’s shaking their head over the promised $100 million in tax revenues, the dangling of prisoner releases, and the dismantling of West Bank blockages. One leader summed it up:

“What message are they trying to send?" Saeb Erekat asked.

Here’s my interpretation Saeb. Israel is showing its independence from the U.S. by violating a Roadmap to Peace commitment. Why does the Jewish state need to public thumb its nose at President Bush? So it can show it takes orders from no one.

This works well for Bush post Israel’s bombing of Iran’s nuclear facilities. As he sashays away from the unilateral, pre-emptive act, the U.S. President can point to the weeks old recalcitrant Jewish state’s act before calling it a critical ally and mobilizing all America’s resources in the region to contain Iran’s retaliatory impulse…

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