Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Mayor Gunter Recommended Early COVID Testing


 Mayor Brenda Gunter encouraged citizens with mild COVID-19 symptoms to get tested.  She made her recommendation during public comment at this morning's City Council meeting.  Area health care providers have Regeneron's antibody drug in stock and it is expressly for patients in the early phase of COVID-19.

One had to watch the Council meeting or view the video to learn this information.  A search for Regeneron on the City's COVID-19 webpage produced no matches.

Facebook users learned several days ago that hair and nail salons produced a higher number of positive cases recently.  This is the first information shared from contact tracing since a warning to people who'd visited the Walmart on Sherwood Way at a specific time/date.  That was early in the pandemic.  Council is yet to hear a presentation on how the public health emergency plan is going and what resources/changes are needed to keep citizens safe.

Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Bad Month for COVID-19


COVID-19 cases nearly doubled in just over a month.  Hospitalizations rose 60% while deaths soared 88%. 

The crisis is here which is why the Rodeo was postponed until April.

 While nearly everyone wore a mask local leaders sat elbow to elbow.

Monday, December 07, 2020

PGAP Application Withdrawn


The Concho Valley will not have a new natural gas pipeline from Tellurian anytime soon.  Yahoo Finance reported:

Tellurian Inc. discarded its plan of developing the Permian Global Access Pipeline (“PGAP”) worth $4.2 billion in Texas and Louisiana, following the departure of CEO Meg Gentle from the company.

Tellurian stated that it revoked its application from U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (“FERC”) review. 

The company previously dropped the project from its capital budget, as shown in an investor presentation   Tellurian CEO Meg Gentle left the company with a robust exit package.

Update 6-9-21:  Morgan Stanley said the pipeline could be back on the table.  "The project features plans to build a $4.2 billion pipeline to bring supply from the Permian Basin.  While those plans have hit snags in recent months, Morgan Stanley analysts expect a final decision on the project within a year."

Update 3-10-23:  Tellurian's Chief Financial Officer resigned effective today according to an SEC filing.  The company's Chief Accounting Officer will assume the CFO duties.  That gentleman is a CPA but that means less and less in today's world of ethical lapses and distorted numbers.

Thursday, December 03, 2020

Coronavirus Emergency Deepens


San Angelo Mayor Brenda Gunter stressed the serious outbreak of COVID-19 in West Texas and the impact on Shannon Medical Center.  Tom Green County Judge Steve Floyd could not attend the meeting as he'd been exposed to someone who tested positive.

Had 61 people been murdered in the Concho Valley in November citizens would be in an uproar. That's how many people died of COVID-19 last month.  

Deaths continue at a rapid pace for December, eight patients in three days.   It's long past time for everyone to do their part.  Yet, that's the message local leaders continue to give.  Lives depend on citizens wearing masks, social distancing and frequently washing hands until a vaccine can be administered in sufficient numbers to protect our population.  

Update 12-4-20:  The City reported five more COVID-19 deaths today.

Update 12-7-20:  One week into the month and our community has had 20 COVID-19 deaths.  This is the emergency folks.  

Update 12-9-20:  The Rodeo has been postponed until April, however the Livestock Show will remain as scheduled in February.  Local leaders were present for announcement, roughly elbow to elbow.