Monday, February 01, 2010

Rendering Caesar

What have I learned in five years of political, business and international affairs blogging? The Government Industrial Monstrosity, Eisenhower's MIC on steroids, is malodorous and resilient. It won't answer the most basic questions, much less how disturbing they grow over time.

The hyper-competitive political arena ensures dishonest communication from Red and Blue opponents. Behind the front stage, political parties compete for billions in campaign money. It used to be millions. I started blogging in June 2005, months before Hurricane Katrina. The keyboard was a tremendous relief during the Bush years. It's provided little solace under the Obama administration, so it's time to look away, to "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's."

"Love something? Serve it."-Roshni Mitra

Leadership is also about service. If love is service and leadership is service, then leadership is love. I guess Jesus and other great faith leaders knew that. Our leaders mostly haven't a clue.

Thanks to those who read this blog as a regular over the years. Most arrived via web searches. The combination drove State of the Division and PEU Report to the top 10,000 on Technorati, an honor I never imagined. Ari's Freedom Switch followed Freedom's Watch, never gaining much traction.

Best of luck to all on your path. Should you see him, say hi to Caesar for me.