Monday, August 13, 2007

Why Karl's Wrong

White House Senior Political Adviser Karl Rove prognosticated after announcing his retirement from "public service". He suggested one day President Bush will be known as "a great President". Apparently Karl didn't read the transcript from last Friday's press conference.

Q But, Mr. President, there have been seven investigations (into the Pat Tillman friendly fire death) and the Pentagon has not gotten to the bottom of it. Can you also tell us when you, personally, found out that it was not enemy fire, that it was friendly fire?

THE PRESIDENT: I can't give you the precise moment. But obviously the minute I heard that the facts that people believed were true were not true, that I expect there to be a full investigation and get to the bottom of it.

Great President's don't stonewall Congressional committees on such issues, nor do they offer Alberto Gonzales "hazy memories" responses. As for the full investigation, President Bush has a long list of soft to inexistent studies to "get to the bottom" of things.

And that's exactly where Karl and George dragged us, to the bottom. One down with Rove's retirement, one to go. But things won't really change, as the systems remain the same. I guess I should thank President Bush for being such a bad liar, otherwise I might not have noticed the underlying sleaze and self centered behavior greasing America's government industrial monstrosity. As for the Bush legacy, I offer once again "Nero Fiddled, Bush Strummed".

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Church Drops Funeral as Pictures Show Partners Hugging

The nondenominational High Point Church dropped the funeral of a gay veteran of Desert Storm due to inappropriate pictures "of men engaging in clear affection". Words like friend, stalwart and partner put off the church, whose leaders couldn't suspend their judgement even after the man was dead. They volunteered to do the burial because the deceased's brother, a mentally challenged adult, works as a janitor. I believe the hugger above also has a mentally challenged brother. No burials for you at High Point, Mr. Bush! You are clearly an affectionate hugger...