Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Treasury Secretary Paulson Files Appeal to Stiff the Blind

As Henry Paulson travels to China for economic discussions, he leaves behind a legal appeal in his name to not meet the currency needs of blind Americans. Run, Hank run! A court previously ordered the U.S. Treasury to come up with ways for the blind to tell the difference between various denominations of currency.

A group brought the suit on behalf of blind American citizens. It even offered solutions to address the problem ranging from making different sized bills to embossed dots or foil. In the appeal the Justice Department said visually impaired people are not denied “meaningful access” to money the way the nation’s currency is designed.

They have access to it, but can’t tell whether they’re holding a George or a Hamilton without portable reading devices. Justice’s other solution, use a credit card. With credit card fraud these days, outrageous interest rates, and the draconian bankruptcy bill passed last summer, how many blind people want such a solution? And who makes money off of credit cards? Commercial banks donated some $20 million to candidates in this past election…

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