Sunday, December 24, 2006

Burns Promotes Tougher Measures on Iran by “Individual Countries”

U.S. State Department representative Nicolas Burns hopes Santa brings Iran large lumps of coal this Christmas. He wants the world to go farther than the United Nations resolution penalizing Iran for its nuclear enrichment program.

"We don't think this resolution is enough in itself," Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns said. "We want the international community to take further action. We're certainly not going to put all our eggs in the U.N. basket."

Tougher measures by individual countries? Would an Israeli bombing of Iran’s nuclear facilities fit under this rubric?

Recall the Jewish state’s Foreign Secretary’s statement in September that the world had only months before Iran acquired key nuclear processing capabilities and President Bush’s demand that the country not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons.

Note the buildup of ground troops and naval capabilities on Iran’s western and southern flanks.

Focus on Israel’s sudden hard press to engage the Palestinians, even releasing $100 million in frozen tax funds. Expect less than half of this amount to have been distributed when the likely attack occurs. Add the carrots of West Bank land and Israel hopes to bribe the Palestinians into a muted response.

Watch the diplomatic efforts in the region. The Israeli P.M. makes a surprise visit to Jordan. British P.M. Tony Blair visits encouraging moderate countries to clearly side against extremists. The Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. quits with a replacement not coming until late February.

Recall the Israeli invasion of Lebanon this past summer, intended to wipe out the threat from their due north. Should everything go as planned post attack, Israel expects Egypt and Jordan to side “against extremism”, leaving only their border with Syria exposed to major conflict.

Sure Israel expects rioting in the Palestinian Territories and Southern Lebanon, but not a coordinated full scale military response. The United States will rush to fill the Lebanese and Palestinian diplomatic voids on behalf of Israel post attack.

Iran will be hotter than a hornet’s nest but might think twice about reaching out the long distance to retaliate against Israel. Much U.S. firepower will stand in their path to enact revenge against the Jewish state.

Note any feelings of déjà vu after the Israeli war machine invades another sovereign country by air. The U.S. will dance away from any knowledge or responsibility. The U.N. foot dragging will feel similar as America blocks for its ally. What will be different is heavy diplomatic pressure with major inducements to Israel’s neighbors pursuing moderation. Stay tuned for what may come…

P.S. News just released stated Israeli P.M. Olmert is considering Palestinian prisoner releases. He told his Cabinet "the time has come to show flexibility and generosity," associates said. Olmert had previously said he would not consider releasing prisoners until Hamas-linked militants freed Israeli Cpl. Gilad Shalit, who was captured in a cross-border raid from Gaza in June.

P.P.S Prime Minister Olmert called Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarek Sunday and the two agreed to meet soon.

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