Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Did Karl Convert?

Karl Rove has been notably absent from the media post mid-term elections. While many ponder the nefarious schemes the President's lead political advisor might be working up behind the scenes, I offer another interpretation. After the American people voted for change, Karl commented, “I see this as much more of a transient passing thing”.

My theory is Karl converted to Buddhism, as a primary tenet of this religion is the transitory nature of our world, impermanence. His redecorated office in the Washington sangha (previously known as 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.) is replete with a large framed picture of the Dali Lama.

Rather than sitting behind closed doors working up Machiavellian schemes, I propose Karl to be sitting on a zafu meditating. Arms out with closed mouth in full “Ooohhhhmmm”, the once dastardly Rove is now spreading love throughout the world. Any takers? Oh, well! At least I tried…

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