Sunday, December 17, 2006

Democrat Dirty Harry Says “Make My Day!”

As the world changed dramatically since the mid-term election, so has Senate Majority leader Harry Reid. He joins the growing list of politicians calling for a surge in troop levels. Harry’s suggestion is for it to be temporary, followed by concrete plans to bring them home in 2008.

Is anyone supporting the report from the bi-partisan Iraq Study Group? Many military leaders have weighed in opposing the increase saying it would further inflame the situation. It matters not the label politicians give the disaster that is Iraq, a “civil war” or “sectarian violence”.

So why is Harry jumping to support that which is not recommended? Is it because another plan is up our violent problem solvers’ sleeves? More troops on the eastern border of Iraq would be helpful in controlling any retaliation from Iran once their nuclear facilities are bombed.

Bush, McCain, Reid, and Al-Maliki are all laying cover for this to happen. The question is whether it comes to pass…

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