Wednesday, December 20, 2006

And the Winner Is?

After three years of “Mission Accomplished” and we’re winning the war in Iraq, President Bush changed his tune. The United States is now “not winning, yet we’re also not losing.” Thus to break the tie logjam, more troops in country are needed. That and a bigger military overall will shake the scourge of terrorism from our planet.

Did anyone detect the irony of the recent Pentagon assessment of who represented the greatest terrorist threat to the U.S.? Eclipsing Osama bin Laden is firebrand cleric al Sadr. In other words the war in Iraq created our greatest current terrorist threat.

Iraqi President al-Maliki, “the right man for the job” came to power as a result of the cleric’s support. Now our President wants us to believe that leaders who come to power as a result of terrorist support are good for the country? Please, some of us are old enough to remember Gov. George Wallace and his Alabama reign courtesy of the KKK.

Our President’s words from this morning’s speech:

“I believe we’re going to win”

So, Mr. Bush our increased troops are going to do what in Iraq to finally “win”?

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