Thursday, December 28, 2006

Crafty, Happy, Clueless Bush Works on Middle East

What’s going on behind the scenes while the Bush team crafts a new way forward in Iraq? What’s happening back stage while the Treasury Department smiles about “the success” of their financial embargo of Iran and North Korea? Yet might something more sinister be occurring while a pleased and deliberating front is presented to the American public? White House Homeland Security Advisor Fran Townsend even appeared on TV this morning to reinforce the false front by saying “relax, everybody party!”

In the meantime serious political and military moves happen almost hourly in the Middle East. Israel just allowed Egypt to deliver significant arms to Palestinian Prime Minister Abbas and his supporters. Why the need to arm? It seems reducing weapons in the Palestinian territories would be a better strategy for peace. The Israeli Prime Minister has been talking up a storm with leaders from Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian territories. P.M. Olmert came loaded with lots of carrots for these discussions, $100 million in withheld taxes, the possibility of prisoner releases, reduced checkpoints in the West Bank, and land for peace.

However, Israel needs to show its independence from the deliberating American President so as to deflect its protector from foreknowledge of its planned surprise attack on Iranian nuclear enrichment facilities. A settlement approval (which contradicts the Jewish states commitments in the roadmap to peace) does the trick! Before the Bush announcement on Iraq, serious American military firepower will already be in the region. A new division is on its way to Kuwait and a carrier group to the Persian Gulf.

While the U.S. likely will let Israel conduct the raid on Iranian nuclear facilities, it stands ready to mute any Iranian response. Bush loves to hold people accountable and might especially enjoy containing the threat from Iranian President Ahmadinejad. In a huge déjà vu, the administration will claim no foreknowledge of the planned attack. Will he then accelerate bomb shipments to Israel? Congress just paved the way for a doubling of U.S. emergency military supplies stored in Israel. Hmmmmmm…..

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