Wednesday, December 13, 2006

U.N. Sanctions on Iran Delayed

In an odd development, United Nation’s Security Council sanctions against Iran regarding its nuclear technology program have been delayed. The U.S. representative raised an off topic concern that upset the Russian delegate, who then put off the meeting. The offending inquiry regarded a jailed political candidate in the Belarus currently on a hunger strike.

Why did the U.S. rep bring up the topic at this time? One might think other opportunities would arise to share this concern. Given the President’s rhetoric that he will do anything to stop Iranian development of nuclear weapons, I would think U.N. sanctions to be a high priority. That is if Bush sees that as a useful strategy?

Might the U.S. President already have a different solution in mind, one that doesn’t involve economic sanctions, but military options? Did the diplomat drop this political stinker on purpose? If he really wanted to help the Russians, our democratic allies, could he offer the use of military doctors experienced at inserting feeding tubes? Guantanamo Bay has a number of physicians with skills at giving forced nutrition.

By the way, Russia is building Iran’s nuclear power plant scheduled to go online in late 2007.

Also, an updated story reveals the starving prisoner broke his hunger strike...

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