Sunday, December 31, 2006

Saddam’s Execution Site

Details in news reports on Saddam’s hanging are already being questioned. The relatively calm prayer scene is now known to have been hostile as camera phone video hit the web. His execution at a secure site with “no U.S. involvement” known as Camp Justice is also in question. While turned over to Iraq control in 2005, a significant American presence remains at the camp. Pictures on the web show some of America’s finest at the facility. The New York Times referred to the site as an American base.

Two American helicopters flew 14 witnesses from the Green Zone to the execution site — a former headquarters of the Istikhbarat, the deposed government’s much feared military intelligence outfit, now inside the American base.”

In no time I found more American connections to Camp Justice and Iraq’s legal system. Camp AT&T shows 12 phones at Camp Justice and internet service for American soldiers is also available.. The U.S. is spending $2.3 million to retrofit a building for the nation’s highest court (which happened to try Saddam Hussein).

It appears to have been a very American execution, overseen by a sleeping U.S. President. Yet, much of the rest of the world found it barbaric. Only the U.S. and Iran cheered…

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