Monday, December 04, 2006

Senator Bayh Suggests Democrats “Do Nothing Ideological”

The wise Senator Evan Bayh encouraged his fellow Democrats not to become ideologues. Even though the public voted his party in power to root out corruption and change the course of the disastrous Iraq War, Evan wants no quick moves. The avowed centrist is creating a Presidential exploratory committee.

Take health insurance as an example where the American people desire progress. 88% of Americans support employers expanding health coverage while President Bush and Congress have greased the skids for employers to actually provide less via high deductible health plans.

Evan Bayh is concerned about the rising cost of health care and wants give all Americans access to “quality, affordable health insurance”. Yet, nowhere does he mention the burden of the uninsured on hospitals and doctors.

61% of Americans support the government providing coverage to all people. Evan Bayh would likely consider this notion ideological and a bad idea. At least there is no evidence for his support on his web site. From my view, a tax credit for struggling small businesses or the poor to “purchase” health insurance is a distinctly conservative ideological position. Mr. Bayh’s history and views may be ideological after all. Where else have we seen an elected leader thumb his nose at national opinion in our democratic nation?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Alan, this is fantastic! As I was reading the article, I was thinking, "this sounds like Alan!" Yeah, Bayh is NOT who we want for president in 2008. We don't have any more time to WAIT for decent health care for everyone, especially those who are presently uninsured. It wasn't too long ago that I was one of them, and it wasn't any fun, let me tell you. I still want Al Gore to run again. Last night, I watched his Inconvenient Truth again, and he is so right about global warming. The Obama presidential run would be ridiculous, IMHO. Excuse me, but experience does count. Hillary is going public with her plans to run, but she's not who I want. I really, really like John Edwards, and if Gore would only way he will run again, think what a great ticket that would be, and both Southerners, as well. That would certainly bring the Progressives in the South, and maybe some not so progressives, as well, to the Democratic ticket. They're always saying that only the Republicans take the South, but I believe that could definitely be changed in a big way. But, you know me well enough to know I'm no centrist, never was one.

Proud of you, Alan! Later!