Monday, December 25, 2006

Johnson Coal this Christmas Morn

I awoke to find White House “small business owner”, Bob Johnson, delivering lumps of coal to the people of Charlotte, North Carolina. The managing partner of the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats stood in the way of the giving of $1.34 million in team stock to a charity. The foundation that supports Carolinas Healthcare System sits with their handout waiting the modern day Scrooge’s approval.

Bob is the founder of BET, owner of an NBA team, and joint venture partner with The Carlyle Group. Having sold BET for $ 3 billion , he can’t be worried about money despite his designation as “a small business owner” by the White House. President Bush’s health care plans shift more and more health care costs to the individual, so the need for charitable assistance is much greater than when he took office.

Why the holdup? Both men need to answer for their actions. I hope they are visited by three ghosts soon…

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