Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bush’s Reaction to Saddam’s Execution

After arising from a good night’s sleep, the U.S. President weighed in on the execution by hanging of Saddam Hussein. A White House spokesman offered the following the day President Bush planned to clear cedar, take a bike ride, spend time with Laura and continue his three week pondering of “the way forward” in Iraq.

"The president was pleased with the culmination of the Iraqi judicial process and that justice was done."

If I let my mind wander in a David Letterman like scene, I can see President Bush on a tractor pushing cedar into a huge pile to burn. Saddam Hussein is carried onto the Western White House and tied to a long pole rising out of the mountain of brush. Karl Rove’s assignment is to toss gasoline on the now dried out wood. An unknown CIA agent strikes the match as Bush says, “I haven’t enjoyed a frying this much since Karla Faye.” World leaders gathered around shake their heads at the sadism just displayed. One says “What’s the point of all this killing? And why are some people pleased?”

As I return to reality, the last question rattles through my head. Why are some people pleased? Especially when the President said Saddam’s execution will not halt the bloodshed. Might it increase it? He offered no prediction on that despite being briefed on world reaction and getting his daily intelligence briefing.

Is there any symbolism to the U.S. President’s being asleep as Saddam dangled from a rope? If so, when will we wake from our long national nightmare?

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