Friday, December 08, 2006

U.S. Business Gets Free Pass as Bush Peppers China

While U.S. companies continue contracting manufacturing to China, the Bush administration plays heavy handed with his Chinese counterpart. Should the President desire any insight into the ballooning U.S. trade deficit with the Asian nation, he could ask his new Defense Department Chief.

Dr. Robert Gates serves on the board of NACCO Industries. One division is the largest seller of small home appliances in North America.

In a recent SEC filing NACCO stated their last U.S. plant in North Carolina would soon be closing. The company contracted all manufacturing for American sales to Chinese businesses.

Did President Bush hammer NACCO or any other U.S. corporations for sending their production overseas? Did he dress down any board members for approving an operational plan and budget that implements such a strategy? Of course not as these are his donors, his friends, & his “base”.

Bush could deal with root causes of China’s soaring trade surplus, but he still doesn’t understand the term. He continues to confuse it with proximate cause. For this our country suffers…

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