Monday, December 18, 2006

Blair’s Civilized Values Include Western Style Jail Break?

Both President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair have spoken about importing Western style values to the fledgling democracy of Iraq. Apparently someone heard Wild Western as a Green Zone jailbreak freed an Iraqi ex-minister of electricity convicted of corruption charges as he awaited another trial. Charges concerned over $2 billion in missing funds intended to rebuild Iraq’s electrical infrastructure. CPA Chief Paul Bremer got an award after $8 billion in reconstruction funds could not be accounted for.

A non-Iraqi security company sprung their ex-client. It happened in the Green Zone by a Western security firm while the prisoner received legal counsel from U.S. for his crimes. Does anyone recall the unclear legal accountability such firms have while working for the U.S. military? Members of their staff aren’t subject to military justice and any legal accountability for their actions in theater may not be governed by local or national laws.

So who did it, how and why? Should the point be to educate Iraqis as to Western style justice where the rich get off easier if not “Scott free”? Paul Bremer should know about such…

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