Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Al-Zawahri Throws Big Oily Wrench into Bush’s Pot of Terrorist Stew

Al Qaeda’s number 2 man appeared on videotape with advice to the U.S. that it is talking to the wrong folks to make peace in the Middle East. Al-Zawahri dissed both the Fatah and Hamas leaders in Palestine, calling President Abbas “America’s man in Palestine”. Just passed Congressional legislation would seem to confirm this assertion.

Previously Hamas distanced itself from Al Qaeda saying its struggle is against Israel, not the West at large. Both Fatah and Hamas spokesmen brushed off Osama #2’s criticism.

Al-Zawahri had more ammunition as he criticized Iran and Shiites support of American backed governments in Afghanistan and Iraq while backing anti-Israeli forces in Lebanon and Palestine.

This is yet more information that a monolithic extremist Islamic threat does not exist, except in the eyes of George Bush. The President’s big pot of terrorist stew is not thickening and may just be a boiling cauldron.

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