Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rev. Sheldon Fails to Look at Bright Side of Bolton Resignation

My local paper somehow picked up a week old column by the head of the Traditional Values Coalition and ran in it this morning’s edition. I expected a good torture loving Christian like the Rev. Louis P. Sheldon to look at the bright side of John Bolton’s resignation as our U.N ambassador.

I can understand his disappointment over the Senate’s changing hands post mid-term elections, I just wonder if over half the voters in the U.S. are “liberal zealots”. Didn’t Republicans claim victory in defeat as “conservative” Democrats won in many states?

As for the loss of John Bolton from the U.N., I am willing to look at the bright side. Rev. Sheldon wanted Mr. Bolton to root out corruption. It appears John’s anti-corruption skills could be put to use in two famous American places, the U.S. Capital and Wall Street. Someone needs to track the influence of big donations on legislation in the Congress. If Bolton knocks that job out quickly, he can turn his talents to the widespread stock option fraud perpetuated by many big name CEO’s over the last decade.

While the U.N will no longer have its junkyard dog, we can put a fence around the Washington Mall and set John Bolton loose. When Rev. Sheldon wants John to have a change of scenery, a quick trip to the Big Apple will afford his dog the chance to sink his teeth into Wall Street.

Let us pray that Rev. Sheldon keeps his focus on religious matters vs. international politics. Who would Jesus Torture? Rev. Louis already has his list. Could those pro-homosexual Democrats be at the top?

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