Friday, December 22, 2006

Santa Needs to Know Who’s Lying? Bush or Media

As Santa evaluates the spin on the administration’s announcement of its new Iraq strategy, Mr. Claus doesn’t know whether Tony Snow & Co. or the liberal mainstream media are lying. He knows a fib is out there just not who threw it to the public for Christmas consumption.

Consider the timing of the unwrapping of the Iraq strategy (all from White House sources):

December 8th recommendations may be ready “by the end of the year”

December 9th talk of pre-Christmas unveiling comes from White House. This is now presented in the news as “the original date”.

Originally aiming to unveil his new Iraq policy before Christmas, Bush has put it off until January

(Heaven forbid our President flip-flop or send a shiver of middle fingers toward the Iraq Study Group with its urgent end of 2006 recommendations.)

December 12th the Bush team moved the date back to give Dr. Gates a chance to offer advice. Apparently the President didn’t factor in his new Defense Chief’s advice when he moved the date forward from his original year end time frame.

Should the public hold our collective breath while the Three Stooges bump into each other working on the new way forward in Iraq? Or should we go on living, breathing and spending, trusting Santa will figure out who really is naughty or nice…

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