Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bush, Blair to Re-hang Iraq’s Western Enema as Ordered by Expert Iraqi Study Group

As Western politicians galvanize around not letting Iraq fall into failure, Iraqi citizens flee their new found freedom for the chance to live another day. The Iraqi Study Group report is the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment for the sick country of Iraq. The prescription to turn Iraq into a healthy, civilized country entails multiple medicines, free markets, foreign investment, and free flowing oil. One doesn’t have to look deep into the Baker-Hamilton report to find these clear recommendations.

Are Iraqi’s fleeing the country due to lack of jobs with unemployment as high as 60%? Is it because of soaring inflation, 50% on an annual basis? Are they upset over recommended future oil and gas price increases when they have already risen 1,252% since the fall of Saddam?

President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair said months ago, western style values would be coming to Iraq and the region. The Iraq Study Group report is a clear step in this direction. Numerous poitical/business leaders comprise the study group which happened to have no (as in zero) Iraqi representatives.

Tony Blair asserted that success in Iraq depends on victory over extremists across the “broader Middle East”. Never mind that the vast majority of Iraqi citizens want U.S. and coalition troops to leave their country. Can 61% of the country’s population be extremists? Likely no, so who is the Prime Minister referring to? It must be the remaining members of the axis of evil, Syria and Iran.

Is Tony greasing the skids for Israel’s bombing of Iran’s nuclear facilities? Does the Iranian extremist nuclear threat need to be taken out to achieve victory?

How can Israel do such a thing and not turn the region into flames? First, all U.S. allies in the Middle East would need to agree not to retaliate. Second, the U.S. will play clueless like it did this past summer when its 51st state bombed Lebanon back 25 years. Third, some of the actors in the region need to have their hands tied. Israeli Prime Minister Olmert needs a serious peace engagement with Palestinian leaders with enough carrots on the table to prevent their retaliating on behalf of Iran. These would need to be serious carrots.

With the U.S. pleading ignorant of Israel’s move, Iraq would be angry but hasn’t the capability to do much about it other than turn off the oil spigot. With their population’s dire predicament, oil would soon flow to pay for basic necessities.

Only Iran and Syria would be left to act out. Israel would have to face enemies to their east and possibly north, should Hezbollah wish to act out on behalf of the Iranian victims and still have such capabilities. Of course the United States has clearly said an attack on Israel is an attack on the U.S., so Israel can plan operations with full knowledge of this fact. My guess is they aren’t planning such things alone in a vacuum…

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