Saturday, January 27, 2007

Which Religion Quiz?

As the U.S. works hard to export democracy and women’s rights throughout the world, obstacles continue to arise. The news reported on such a case this morning. A female teacher was told by school officials to leave because women are forbidden from teaching men. Was her leaving based on:

a. Quranic Law or Sharia
b. Biblical Law from 1st Timothy

The correct answer is b. The teaching institution is Southern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. The Hebrew teacher dismissed is Sheri Klouda. The school in its defense had this to say:

“With regard to the tightening of the policy of women teaching in the School of Theology, there has been no change in policy; but rather a return to the way it has always been. There was a momentary lapse of the parameters and the seminary has returned to its traditional, confessional, and biblical position.”

Now that clears things up! It turns out a “momentary lapse” is seven and a half years. Did the School flaunt its Lordly disobedience for close to a decade, merely the blink of an eye in God time? The U.S. is exporting democracy that gives religion the freedom to take rights, however temporarily granted, away. As America “returns” to its “Christian roots”, will women teachers be shed everywhere?

Who else might these freedom loving Christians be on the lookout for? Gays, of course. A Baptist College kicked out a top student for stating his gayness on his MySpace profile.

Who thought in America people could keep women from teaching men and stop openly gay people from getting a higher education? It surely sounds more like one of those international backwaters we are trying so hard to help. Might we need to look in the mirror?

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