Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Iraqi Government, Like Bush Seeks to Control the Message

The Iraq government launched an investigation into the leaked video of Saddam Hussein’s execution. Having sold the hanging as solemn and prayerful, the public now knows the ex-dictator was religiously and politically taunted as he paid the ultimate price for his crimes. So the al-Maliki government lied, this is nothing new in America under the distorted leadership of George Bush.

Will the leak come from a government insider like Scooter Libby or Karl Rove? This is highly likely as anyone attending the execution needed multiple security clearances. Will Mr. al-Maliki promise to fire anyone caught leaking confidential information only to pedal away later to anyone breaking the law?

“Control the message, control the people” seems to be both the Bush and al-Maliki mantra. After the attack on the Sunni Golden Mosque in Samarra, a key government leader’s strategy involved “closing the Sunni television stations in the country” according to the New York Times. With these similarities I can only reach one conclusion. It appears we exported democracy to Iraq…

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