Thursday, January 25, 2007

Chertie Cheers World On to “Be Realistic”

The man who couldn’t save thousands of people from death after Hurricane Katrina has advice for the world on terrorism. His veiled threat of “terrorists acquiring nuclear weapons” aimed squarely at the Iranian President. Sec. Chertoff warned “You can't put that genie back in the bottle once a weapon of mass destruction or a nuclear bomb gets into the hands of a terrorist,"

Speaking at the World Economic Forum Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff got his back up over criticism of American methods to defend against terrorism. With red, white and blue pompoms Chertie broke into a rousing cheer in true Bush fashion.

Be realistic!
Be realistic!

When the going gets rough
Homeland Security gets tough

Those with terrorist signs
Will find us on the line

You with bad intentions
Face endless detentions

Some nabbed off the street
Placed on planes so fleet

They are carried afar
To accommodations nearly 4 star

No one is treated poorly
For this they act sorely

It’s democracy we hoard
So prisoners can water board

Freedom is to be sacrificed
So we can remain free

Our heroes are Bush/Cheney
Not the world’s hineys!

Be realistic!
Be realistic!

Yes, another rousing cheer from members of the Bush administration! Can we put that genie back in the bottle and return to a pre-Bewitched mindset? I don’t like the spells being cast…

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