Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Reason for Justice Department Phone Call Revealed

Just before Christmas I received a phone call from Ryan Banks of the Justice Department. It prompted a post pondering the reasons for the message on my answering machine. I thought it might be in reference to something I discovered while blogging.

Why would the feds break their seven month silence on an incompetent White House Lessons Learned report on Hurricane Katrina that happens to benefit Carlyle Affiliate LifeCare Hospitals? Now that Rep. Bill Thomas has retired, who would have the motivation to look at the pattern of for-profit hospital donations and a summer 2005 hearing on their pet issue? Might someone want to silence this blogger who suspects America’s 51st state (also Jewish) will raid Iran’s nuclear facilities sometime after Baby New Year rings in 2007?

It turns out Ryan is with the Anti-Trust Division of the Justice Department. He got back to me within two months of my sharing concerns over the merger of two hospitals in San Angelo. The merger had been cancelled in the meantime due to “regulatory uncertainty”.

I guess the other Justice Department divisions aren’t as efficient as Ryan’s as I haven’t heard boo on my other complaint, nearly 7 months old. Will 2007 bring an answer to my question of why did the White House omit any mention of the hospital with the largest number of patient deaths post Katrina in its Lessons Learned report? The owner of LifeCare Hospitals has a Pennsylvania Avenue address, so Frances Townsend wouldn’t have had to walk far to personally find more information…

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