Thursday, January 11, 2007

Leadership Pathology: Root Cause of World’s Violence & Instability?

After the President's speech last night, I have a desire to talk about his pathology and its impact on our nation and the world. Narcissistic, strict father model, Armageddon believing, testosterone raging, nuclear bomb hoarding, oil loving, market worshipping, Islam-a-phobic, Israel loving, missile riding, God instructed, neo-conservative driven pathology.

Of course Bush previewed upcoming acts to contain Syria and Iran (the real reason for the buildup to begin with). Troop surges, additional carrier group, Patriot missile defense systems (used to defend Israel in first Gulf War).

Scary President with ability to control most powerful army in the world means a scary world at moment. What can we do about one of the largest root causes, pathological leaders? One would think a democracy capable of dealing with such a problem, but ours is frozen in horror. For a reminder why this topic needs to be out front and dealt with openly watch the video 3,000 Too Many.

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