Sunday, January 07, 2007

Spinning Division in the Middle East, “Send Spooks, Nukes and Millions”

If Israel and the U.S. can get Muslims fighting one another in the Middle East will they achieve what the British did in Northern Ireland with Christians? Finding a way to divide the poor and oppressed makes it easier for the ruling class to stay in power. It keeps the little people occupied fighting amongst each other for the most basic necessities, employment, food, housing, etc. Was Tony Blair coaching leaders on this strategy during his recent visit? With Gaza the modern version of Belfast, consider the latest news from the Palestinian Territories.

The US government plans to transfer $86.4 million to the security forces of embattled Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in the coming days, senior Washington officials said on Friday. According to the officials, the funds will be earmarked to beef up the security around Abbas, and to fund the PA Chairman's stated commitment to dismantling the terrorist infrastructure within the Palestinian cities.

PA Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh met with Abbas on Thursday night to discuss a solution to the current inter-faction violence after a day of clashes between Hamas and Fatah loyalists left eight Palestinians dead. According to Army Radio, Haniyeh, of Hamas, said the two had agreed at the meeting to work toward ending the infighting in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. "We are going to end all armed displays in the streets," Haniyeh told reporters. Abbas had no comment.

In a separate article:

Egyptian officials at the Rafah crossing allowed Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh to smuggle 20 million dollars into the Gaza Strip when he returned from the haj pilgrimage on Thursday, Israel Radio reported Saturday.

The Haj is held annually in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, the prescient Saudi Foreign Minister met with representatives from Hezbollah to talk about peace in Lebanon. A bloc is working hard to reinforce “friends” and reduce the threat from Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran. It brings to mind the old Warren Zevon song “Send Lawyers, Guns and Money”.

As for my prediction that Israel and the U.S. had something nefarious in store for Iran, a British newspaper shed extra light on that topic with its recent story. In that light I offer updated lyrics for Warren’s song.

“Send Spooks, Nukes, and Millions”

Well, I went home with the Wall Street wench
The way I always do

How was I to know
She was with the Israelis, too

I was spec’ing for oil in Niger
I took a little risk

Send spooks, nukes and millions
Dad, get me out of this

I'm the innocent bystander
Somehow I got stuck

Between the rock and the hard place

And I'm down on my luck
And I'm down on my luck
And I'm down on my luck

Now I'm hiding in Gaza
I'm a desperate man

Send spooks, nukes and millions
The shit has hit the fan

In honor of Warren Zevon, may he Rest in Peace

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