Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another Bush Analogy "The Democratixx"

Mr. Kristof in his New York Times column compared the Bush foray into Iraq to several classic stories, "Moby Dick" and "The Aeneid". At the end he asked what other stories would be appropriate analogies for Bush and Iraq? While not a classic, the cult hit movie series “The Matrix” comes to mind.

In "The Democratixx" people live in a false world that occupies their time and energy with shopping, sports, clothing, accessories, and pop music. The software imposes surface differences between groups of people before introducing scarcity, requiring them to compete for resources. Carrots are dangled in front of people only needed for their vote every few years. “Hard work and determination will get you success.” “God rewards those who are good in his eyes and leaves little for the sinner.”

The business/government coalition writes and maintains the Democratixx, the false illusory world for their respective benefits. Dwight Eisienhower’s “military industrial complex” has morphed into the “government industrial monstrosity”. Rulers use the ruse of exporting the Democratixx to start wars. As huge chunks of government work are contracted out to businesses, this fattens their profit margins. Corporate chiefs regularly cross from the business world to key government positions, looking after their old buddies in their new roles.

While government leaders only need the zoned out human batteries for their vote, businesses need their cash. That’s why the U.S. President after the monumental crisis of 9-11 encouraged the public to go shopping. The planes crashing into the twin towers caused a severe ripple in the Democratixx that only continued purchasing could calm.

While exporting the program to Iraq, leaders failed to understand the Iraqi people’s different wiring. The upgrade has been tried before numerous times by other occupying powers, failing each time. Considerable anger remained in the population from previous software and hardware failures. Scarcity and division were not new to the varying groups of mostly Muslims in Iraq. Previous leaders in “The Dictatrixx” employed similar nefarious schemes.

However, recognizing a failure of the Iraqi people to accept the program, U.S. leaders took decisive action. They changed American leadership charged with implementing the Democratixx. New Defense Department Chief Bob Gates was called from his series of board directorships to lead the "New Way Forward in Iraq". Planned changes include adding Chili’s, On the Border, and Macaroni Grill restaurants at all forward operating bases. Iraq must be made safe for Western oil companies to provide services “to help the Iraqi people”. Translated from “The Democratixx” this means to drive up Parker Drilling’s EBDITA (earnings).

Where will the story go next? How many Neo’s are still the hacker fighting the system, yet unaware that they are living in a false world that needs them only as a battery? Are the American people unaware their desires really don’t matter as their attention is diverted to hot button issues by a system that needs only their vote every few years?

Or are we deeper into the story? Has every American walked up to that line and taken the blue pill to stay asleep or the red pill to awaken to the manipulation hiding our shadowy parasitic world? Do people see money and power are the juice that powers The Democratixx?

Might we be at the threat reduction phase, where the Neos in the world have been identified and agents sent to take him out? Did the programmers have to pick V.P. Cheney as the most powerful agent in The Democratixx? While he does inspire fear, he is a persistently creepy figure walking around with that shotgun.

Does the Democratixx know who the threats are to its continued existence? As both political parties are in on the secret, it must be someone from outside the system. Have the powers found its’ Morpheous, its’ Trinity, and the One that will take the system down? Are they turncoating any Cyphers with promises of money, power, and special treatment if they return to the fold?

Where are we in the story of the Democratixx? When will Neo know he is the One? When will the illusions be known? When will all awaken? The story is left to write….

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