Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Barney Fife Setup

Israel’s army chief said the Jewish state failed to reach all of their objectives in their summer war against Hezbollah but deflected calls for his resignation. An inquiry found the war’s goals were vaguely defined and faulty work in command centers. The vaunted Israeli army even had a few officers not carry out their assignments on moral grounds.

If you saw Barney Fife coming to disarm you, would you be afraid? Can you hear him call out “now hold it right there”? Could he get his firearm out of the holster? Might he hit himself in the head with his baton?

But somehow Barney ends up getting his man in the end. Might that be Israel’s current intent? Between Bush and Olmert the chess pieces are scampering across the board to deliver a knock out blow to Iran’s nuclear facilities. The Iranian President is not the least bit scared as he taunts the U.S. with “more humiliation”. Mr. Ahmadinejad may wish to watch an episode of The Andy Griffith Show to see how Barney’s prisoners react…

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