Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bush’s Game Pieces Going in Place

Iraq cut off all flights to Syria and closed some border crossings with Iran as part of the “new way forward” in Iraq. The partners in the “axis of evil” have been uncooperative in stabilizing their new democratic neighbor according to the Bush administration. Yet the news had this to say.

Syria is believed to be harboring former Baath party officials who support the Sunni insurgency and has been accused of allowing foreign fighters to slip across its border with Iraq. And U.S. officials have complained that Iran smuggles weapons to Shiite extremists who have killed Americans and provides Shiite militia with training and support.

Partners in evil are helping opposite sides in the Iraqi civil war? How sinister! Yet, given the Shia-Sunni split dividing the Middle East, why are Syria and Iran in bed together? All other alliances in the region are same sect. This doesn’t make sense.

The moves adding integrity to Iraq’s borders with Syria and Iran are in preparation for the new security plan. My guess is they are designed to contain any blowback from Israel’s raid on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Although today’s news offered a different possibility. A skirmish between Iran and U.S. military assets in the region could spark a broader conflict. With tensions already sky high, a slight misstep could result in war.

My gut says it will be more than an error by the Jewish state as it seeks to set back Iran’s nuclear enrichment capabilities. That significant U.S. firepower will be in the region, even on the border, will just be serendipity. Bush is playing RISK again, the game of global domination…

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