Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Chief of “The Democratixx” Unleashes New Round of Agents

Returning to “The Democratixx”, something moved in the false shadowy world designed to keep humanity asleep, only to be awoken every two years for their vote. The Chief’s scrunched up face, full of frustrations, mouths “I’ve got to get out of here. This place stinks of something!”

Is it Agent Smith who hates the smell of humans and wants to replicate himself in an effort to do in the program that created him? Or is it Agent Bush who hates the smell of regulation, a key role of government? Does George Bush want to undermine the program that gave him power or does he want to take it all over by seeding the program with thousands of Agent Bush’s?

Agent Bush claims to hate regulation but nearly two weeks ago, he signed an Executive Order proliferating copies of himself in every federal agency. Why paste a Bush face on the swath of civil servants “protecting” the American people? Does the President want to do otherwise?

"Within 60 days of the date of this Executive order, each agency head shall designate one of the agency's Presidential Appointees to be its Regulatory Policy Officer, advise OMB of such designation, and annually update OMB on the status of this designation."

Yes, in two months numerous Bush agents will proliferate the halls of government. Soon they will have their marching orders. And as extensions of Agent Bush they will have considerable power.

"The Director may convene a meeting of agency heads and other government personnel as appropriate to seek a common understanding of priorities and to coordinate regulatory efforts to be accomplished in the upcoming year."

"Unless specifically authorized by the head of the agency, no rulemaking shall commence nor be included on the Plan without the approval of the agency's Regulatory Policy Office, and the Plan shall contain at a minimum:".

How many Neo’s exist in the bowels of our federal monstrosity? Will they be able to outrun the new wave of Agent Bush’s coming their way? Rumor has it Agents will target the Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Health and Safety Administration. They will be extra hungry having been kept on the sidelines as a select few from the SEC gutted Sarbanes Oxley. Agent Bush is happy to have more Enron’s but a clean environment and safe workplace, those are unnecessary luxuries barely viewable in “The Democratixx”.

Regulators will now intervene only when the false shadowy world itself is at risk. No longer will problems negatively impacting the public be identified as the focus shifts to “market failure”. The Agent will scour the landscape for industries needing more profit as it tries to break out of itself. Once found, huge government contracts will head the way of health insurers and financial institutions. And the Agent still mutters “I must get out of here. This place stinks…”

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